Summer is waning in the northern hemisphere, and the kids have gone back to school, but since my husband is retired and, if I paint on location I can call this a business trip (smile), we set off for the beach.

A Day at the Beach, watercolor, 5

A Day at the Beach, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

I didn’t paint at the beach because as soon as we got there, the biting flies treated me like fast food!  Only if I stood halfway up to my knees in the water did they leave me alone.  (It was not fun!)  And since painting with watercolor means I need either a table, or an easel, to put something on the ground, or a third hand, I didn’t paint standing in the wave zone.  We both took lots of pictures and I put this scene together in my studio.

Two of the visitors to the Farmers’ Market recently were a woman named Josie and her mother, who was visiting from California.  They fell in love with a couple of my one-hour studies, Lovin’ the Lavender, and Purple Passion (an impression of the Russian Sage which has bloomed wonderfully here this summer.  Alas, I did not get a scan of it.)  They also saw a small watercolor on canvas (4″ x 4″) of pink roses, and wanted a painting of hydrangeas as a companion piece to go with it.

I got up this morning to find my son eating breakfast by flashlight.  After a little exploration around the house, I discovered that some parts of the house had power while other parts did not.  I could make a cup of coffee, but I would have to drink it in the dark.  I could turn on the light in the bathroom, but not write an email since the modem didn’t have power.  I checked the breakers and they looked fine. So I called the power company and they sent out a technician.

Electrical Repair, pen and ink, 7" x 5"

Electrical Repair, pen and ink, 7″ x 5″

He first tested the power coming in to the junction box on the side of the house.  All looked well.  The power company is only responsible for the wires coming to the house; if I had a problem inside, he wouldn’t be able to help with it.  But before he concluded that for sure, he would check the other connections.  So he hopped into the bucket on the back of his truck and “flew up” to the top of the pole at the end of the driveway.  When that checked out okay, he got a ladder to check the connectors at the top of the house.  Bingo!  One of them was old and cracked and had shorted out.  It only took him a couple of minutes to replace, but it was long enough for me to capture a quick image of him up the ladder with all of his protective gear on.

Garden Candy, watercolor, 8" x 10"

Garden Candy, watercolor, 8″ x 10″

These tomatoes from Lothian Produce taste every bit as good as they look.  I love slicing into the meaty flesh and releasing the delicious smells.  When I put a slice onto a sandwich and bite into it, the juices run through the other ingredients and down onto my hand.  The aromatic basil from my garden complements the flavor of the tomato and adds some crunchy texture, so sometimes I’ll use it instead of lettuce.

Ooohhh – I can hardly wait for lunch!

Last year we spent a night at one of our favorite anchorages, Dun Cove, on the Maryland Eastern Shore.  We had actually moored in one of the creeks off of the cove since the weather report was predicting some overnight storms (which didn’t actually materialize until the next morning).  I drew a picture in my sailing journal and painted this using that sketch as my reference:

Day at Dun Cove, watercolor, 4" x 9.75"

Day at Dun Cove, watercolor, 4″ x 9.75″

Before I put this in a floating frame (glass on both sides of the paper) I decided to paint on the other side, too.  Here is what the creek looked like a couple of hours later:

Night at Dun Cove, watercolor, 4" x 9.75"

Night at Dun Cove, watercolor, 4″ x 9.75″

Usually we are one of the last boats to leave the rendezvous of Watkins boat owners, but this year, my niece was getting married and I was going early to help my sister, so we left late Sunday morning as the other boats were going out for a sail.

Lavender Lemonade, watercolor, 7" x 5"

Lavender Lemonade, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

Our local Farmers’ Market at Greenstreet Gardens has a wonderful treat.  On these hot, humid, summer afternoons, a glass of lemonade is a welcome thirst quencher.  Combine that sweet-tart taste with a hint of lavender and that welcome drink becomes memorable.  The cubes of ice cool the lemonade, and small beads of condensation form on the outside of the glass, reminding me that if I drink it, there will be fewer of those beads on my forehead!

What is your favorite summertime thirst quencher?

Most of the boat owners who participate in the annual rendezvous live in the Norfolk/Hampton Roads, Virginia, area and arrive at the host marina on Friday.  If the weather is nice, they sail in, or if the weather makes the trip difficult, or the boat has some problems, they may drive to the site.  But on Friday evening, we gathered at the wonderful porch at Dozier’s Marina, bringing chips and dip, finger foods, soft drinks, and wine to share while we catch up on each others’ lives for the past year.


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