Western View – 1850s Historic Farm House

Today marked the end of Christmas break for our son, and we drove him back to school.  Its about three hours to Staunton, Virginia where he studies, and it’s an all-day affair to go there and come back.

We included business on the return trip.  One of my husband’s colleagues commissioned a painting of his ancestral home in Culpeper, Virginia.  His great-grandfather bought the house in 1870 and it has been in the family ever since. Alas, the property is to be sold, as a house this old and big is prohibitively expensive to keep for sentimental reasons alone.  However, the memories are to be preserved and this painting will provide a link to those great summer-long visits to the working family farm.  Childhood and teen years, early adult working years – the painting will include favorite trees now gone, and the wind-driven well pump no longer to be seen on the left side, though the concrete foundation is still there. Through drawing and painting, these visual memories are restored.

It was cold today!

So the wind blew and temperatures were in the 30s, but it was a beautiful day and the country in central Virginia is so lovely, even in winter.  If it’s this pretty now, think how wonderful a place to spend summers!

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