Moving the Sun

Finally!  My studio is under control again and I can work in there without feeling like the rubble is going to take over.

So I moved the sun today.  Several times.  I sketched Western View with sun shining on it from the east and then the west…  in springtime.  So I guess I moved the earth too.  Anyway, I needed to see how the values would play out with light coming from different angles and falling on the shapes of the house.

As you look at the house you may wonder about the name Western View.  The front of the house originally faced west.  As you look at the photo from the previous post, and as you view these sketches, the western side would be the side that faces to the right of the image – actually not visible.  But over time and with additions to the structure, the main entrance was moved to the north side, which is the full-on view that you see.

View with sun in the East

The above photo shows sun on the eastern side of the house (it must be morning!).  I placed the darker values on the north-facing sides, and the bright value on the eastern side.

View with sun from the west

Now you can see the shadows (darker values) on the eastern side, with brighter values on the front (north side) of the house.  I guess the sun is actually shining from the north-west.

Please pardon the wrinkly 20# bond that I use for value studies.  It’s just a work sheet, so I don’t use fancy paper.

I though I would also include a few photos of the newly cleaned studio (I’m so proud of my cleaning!).  You can see my work areas: granite-topped work table, and adjustable drafting board  You can also see the photo studio arranged against the wall with lights in place facing a white background.

Clean studio!
Photo "Studio"

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