Sitting on a Curb, 1st layer

I found that I liked what I did on Saturday, with just the masking making a negative image.  And when that happens, I am sometimes reluctant to take the next step because I am afraid that I will mess it up and produce something that I don’t like as much.  It doesn’t help to remind myself that it is only paint and paper.  However, I finally mixed up some yellow, red, and blue paint and dripped, dropped, and splattered it onto the paper, spraying it with water and mixing it on the paper with my fingers.  (Adult finger painting – it’s still fun!)  It doesn’t look like much in this photo, but I think it’s a good start and tomorrow, I’ll start to pull out the figures, arms, and legs from one another.
This is just the beginning!

I find that it helps to have more than one project going at a time.  It means I can work on another one while paint is drying on the first.  So, today I also did another sketch of Western View, this time showing part of the north side of the house.  Again, I put the sun first on one side and then the other.  One of them is an impossible direction, coming from the northeast, but I’m the artist and I can make it happen!

top - sun in the northeast, bottom - sun in the southeast

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