Sitting on a Curb, mask removed

I have glazed on more color, continuing to draw out the figures from the splashes of color.  I found that I was getting confused about the lights and darks with the gray masking fluid still in place, so I have now rubbed out the mask and will be able to see where I should be going when I work on it next.  (The picture is 15″ x 19″.)

The masking is gone, leaving the sun struck places white.

I started a class at the Torpedo Factory, taught by Gwen Bragg. ( Gwen is a wonderful artist and a good teacher.  There is a link to her website on the side bar.) The emphasis for this week is painting white objects and metal objects on white backdrops.  The white on white is preparation for doing snow scenes.  I chose the set up with eggs in a glass bowl, a metal cup, and ceramic chickens.  There were also flowers and egg beaters and other objects in the set up, but I left those out. Here is my rendition.  I’m thinking of titling it “Which came first…” but am open to other suggestions.

7" x 10.5"

I'm interested in hearing what you think!

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