Which Came First…?

After a boisterous weekend celebrating my father’s 80th birthday with twenty of his relatives, a weekend full of non-stop puns and eating interrupted by games (the eating, not the puns), I got back to work yesterday, and today finished the painting from last week’s value study.

Which Came First...? 11" x 14"

My goals were:

1.) to make the eggs the focal point without letting the chicken, with its bright red comb and wattle, upstage the eggs.  I think I accomplished this by putting the chicken in front of the bowl, also painted with red.

2.) to leave a section of the painting unfinished and suggestive, which I did in the lower left hand corner.

3.) to use a monochromatic color scheme, which didn’t happen.  I added Winsor green to the cadmium red to get a dark and then liked having the two colors together, complementing each other and making a greater contrast.  So I have a complementary color scheme.


I'm interested in hearing what you think!

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