Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Watercolor 7" x 7"

Is this what you need to feel ready to face the day?  That business meeting?  The writing of the term paper?

Coffee plays a large role in our society:  We offer it to guests, friends, and strangers.  We offer it in the morning, at night, after a meal, between meals, with a meal.  We like its smell, its taste, the sound of it being prepared, the oily, dark texture of the beans, the steaming and bubbly appearance of a cup freshly poured, and the warmth of the cup on cold hands.  Connoisseurs speak of it with terms as flamboyant as those applied to wine, and coffee cafes have menus with more choices than letters in the alphabet.  We use coffee as a drink and as a flavoring in puddings, ice cream, bread, and cookies.  The economies of coffee have greatly changed many parts of the world.

Please share your favorite coffee story!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

  1. My favorite coffee story is really telling about my favorite coffee-drinkin’ friend, a dear old (79, again!) lady who loves it as much as I do.
    When the whole world was believing the tales about coffee being bad for the health, she and I were guzzling it at lower prices and not caring one whit. We giggled like little girls, although she is 79 (again) and I am 60.
    I love coffee black and strong, made with freshly-ground beans. She would say, “I do, too,” but once you begin pouring hers, she makes you stop at the half-cup level and then adds milk, sugar, and water. Ha!
    Whenever we get together for coffee, she stops by a local “dollar” store and grabs a package of “windmill” cookies, which are spice and almond cookies baked in a mold to look like old Dutch windmills. She and I both have loved these cookies since childhood. Although I try to stay on a low-carb diet, I make rare exceptions, and her visits with Windmill cookies are among them. I dip my cookie in coffee and enjoy the soaked version, while she crunches hers, straight up and sips her “strong, black” coffee that has milk, sugar, and water added.
    I must say, your painting made me thirsty for another pot, too. VERY, VERY GOOD DEPICTION–MUST BE SOME LOVE IN THAT ONE? 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing this story: coffee, cookies, but best of all a good friend! Rick and I like drinking coffee and sitting in our sunroom overlooking the creek watching the boats go out into the Chesapeake Bay in the morning.

  2. Coffee keeps me going and going …and going for more. Like that battery commercial of a bunny with a drum…
    Beautiful painting…you are so gifted with so much talent. The painting sizzles I can almost smell the coffee….mmmmm! Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentine’s Day. Wishing you all the love and joy everyday…..

  3. The cup of coffee looks delicious! You did an amazing job of capturing so many details (the reflection, the bubbles on the surface, etc.)!

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