A Finished Project

In early January, I started a picture which my mother had asked for.  I have blogged about the process and my struggles with it.  I finished it last week, and my husband photographed it today.

Sitting on a Curb, Watercolor, 15" x 19"

A belated happy birthday to my mom!  I hope this brings her lots of happy memories and brightens her day when she looks at it.

8 thoughts on “A Finished Project

  1. I read about the process, and find the finished work very interesting. I think you’ve added something to the original photograph, that makes it very unique, and I do hope that this will bring happiness to your mother

    • Thank you, Shimon. My mother wished that she could have had a close relationship with her siblings, but since she didn’t, she did all she could to foster close relationships between her children. I am happy to say that my brothers and sister and I all enjoy being with each other very much, as do our children and their cousins.

    • Thank you, Linda. Coming from another watercolor artist, that is a compliment I will cherish. I appreciate you coming by and allowing me to find your blog.

  2. Hello, Ruth.
    I’m not aware if you enjoy blog awards or not, but have awarded you, anyway, with the 7×7 link award, which encourages you to link to seven of your best or most important posts from the past. If you desire the badge for your sidebar, the guidelines are here:
    Love the way the siblings have gained such “curb appeal”! Know your mom will love this.

    • Katharine, I am honored! This is the first time I have been nominated for a blog award, and it is such a nice opportunity to share some of the wonderful blogs that I am following with those who have graciously decided to follow my blog.

      • That would be great, but I think the intention is to link to your own. No matter. We’d love knowing which you prefer, even if it comes from other sources. 🙂

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