My Mother

Since today is International Women’s Day, this post is about one of the most amazing women I know, my mother.

Mom is the younger of twins, born prematurely, small and fighting for her life.  To me, this battle and her success characterizes her life.  She is a determined person, becoming the first in her family to graduate from college, struggling against family pressures and choosing a career in special education so her life work would make the world a better place.  When she was in college, she started having some health problems which were later diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis.  Even though the disease landed her in the hospital at least once a year and several times had her paralyzed, she  struggled back, teaching herself calligraphy and kneading bread dough to regain strength and dexterity in her hands, taking up long distance running at age 51 because she found it kept the M.S. in remission for a while.   She raised five children, who have all graduated from college and are successful, happy people who enjoy getting together as a family.  She taught literacy to adults as a volunteer, arriving at the lessons hobbling on her walker until the M.S. so affected her vocal muscles that she couldn’t talk clearly.  She continues to encourage her family (including 19 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren) by texting on an iPad and writing cards even though she spends most of her time bedridden and her family lives all over the country.  To me she is a stellar candidate for an exemplary woman and I am glad that she is my mother.

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4 thoughts on “My Mother

  1. It is a great blessing, having a mother that provides an example and inspiration. It is something, I think, that influences us all through our lives.

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