I have been out-of-pocket for a little while, first helping with my granddaughters and then with a virus, and I have some blogging to catch up on.  I have received my first blog award, the 7 x 7 Link Award, thanks to my blog friend, Katharine Trauger.  As I understand it, the requirements of this award are:

  • Thank my benefactors.
  • Tell one unknown thing about me.
  • Link to seven of my previous posts.
  • Award seven other folks.

So, first of all, many thanks to Katharine Trauger.  Katharine has a deep love for God and the Bible and a very clear way of expressing the truths found in the Scriptures.  I have often found encouragement through her blog posts.

Since my blog focuses on my watercolors, there are many unknowns about me, but like Katharine, I have grown children, all of whom I home schooled at some point in their academic careers.  I find that painting takes so much of my concentration that I deferred my interest in creating art while my children were at home.  I determined that I was not going to tell them to “go away!”  Now I have the time to focus and work without interruptions.

Since I started blogging at the beginning of the year, I don’t have a lot of previous posts to link to, but here are seven, chosen because these are some of my favorite pieces that I have shown.

The following are seven people to whom I would like to give this award.  I have enjoyed their blogs and I think you might, too!