Coffee with my Granddaughter

Coffee with my Granddaughter, watercolor, 11" x 7"

This watercolor sketch is the only work I got done last week.  I made another trip to help my daughter with her children since they all came down with the nasty virus.  It was much more serious for the children, giving the 16-month old bronchitis and resulting in hospitalization for the 6 week old.  Everyone is much better now.

But while I was there, I snatched a few minutes here and there to capture the morning’s activity… and then finished the sketch after I got home!

4 thoughts on “Coffee with my Granddaughter

    • Thank you, Shimon. Everyone is better now. I enjoyed the visit and even the long distance drive time was profitable as it gave me time to mull over more painting possibilities.

    • Susan, I am thrilled that you like this so much! This painting is for sale, either the original or as a print. The image above was taken with my point and shoot camera. Please send me an email to and I will get you a better image with correct colors. Ruth

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