Creating Art That Connects

One of my goals in creating art in watercolor is to make images which elicit a response from the viewer.  Here is one of the positive reactions that I’ve gotten this week.

I’ve been posting about a picture of Western View that friends have commissioned me to do.   I’ve sent them the sketches that I wrote about last week, a regular “house portrait” and an evening view with the lights on in the porch area.  Then I attempted a composite picture of the house and some other scenes on the property.

Western View Composite Sketch, pen and ink with watercolor washes, 11" x 14"

To my great delight, I was immediately greeted with several stories:  tales of taking care of the pigs every summer while in high school, about loading hay into the top of the barn, and riding the tractor.

The current Western View doesn’t look like these pictures.  Some trees are gone, as is the windmill.  A couple of the chimneys fell down in the earthquake last summer. And I’ve been asked to replace some of the shutters on the house and trim the boxwood hedges.

Whether they choose this as the final image or not, I am thrilled that this brought back memories and is a picture that made a connection with the viewers.


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