Window in Assisi

When traveling in Italy, I was impressed by the Italians’ love for flowers and making things beautiful.  As with so many windows, this one was filled with blooming plants, and the window was open to allow the fresh air to cool the room.  Open windows like this serve as an invitation to my imagination:  Who lives here?  What would it be like to visit?  What are they eating for dinner?  And I have found that most Italians are ready to open their hearts and homes to those they meet, especially if one takes the time to learn a little Italian!

Window in Assisi, watercolor, 10.5″ x 7″

8 thoughts on “Window in Assisi

    • It was amazing to me to watch Italian houses be refurbished. A new coat of plaster on the walls and a good coat of paint, and houses that are several hundred years old look like new! Many cities have restrictions on changing the appearance of the outside of the buildings.

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