Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

North Head Lighthouse, watercolor, 23″ x 18″

This blue watercolor painting is the North Head Lighthouse at Cape Disappointment on the northern bank of where the Columbia River empties into the Pacific Ocean. My son was stationed there in the Coast Guard, rescuing people who were caught by the treacherous sand bar caused by the strong currents.  This picture belies the dangerous conditions in which he often had to go out (but I’m his mother, so please don’t go into the details!)

This painting was produced using a technique developed by Lee Weiss and involves putting watercolor paint on both sides of a wet piece paper and flipping the paper over on a piece of plexiglass multiple times.  The contact of the moist paint on the plexiglass mixes the colors from the two sides of the paper in unpredictable ways and also causes the texture which forms the foreground flowers and the puffy clouds.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

    • This is Torchon paper, and I don’t know the weight. It is heavier than the Arches 140 lb. paper that I usually use, but not as heavy as 300 lb. Regular watercolor paper may be used, but this paper gives better textures.
      Thanks for sharing your images of Paris! I’m enjoying your trip through your drawings.

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