Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Summer is when we spend a lot of time on our boat, sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.

Summer is when the crabs have grown big enough and numerous enough that crabbers lay down a line baited every couple of feet.  They have a buoy at each end and traverse the line, pulling it over a large hook on the side of the boat and scooping up the crabs in a long-handled net as the crabs rise with the bait, refusing to let go until the last minute.  Sometimes the bait is chicken necks, giving this type of crabber the nickname of “chicken-necker,” regardless of whether chicken or shellfish is used for bait.  Back and forth along this same line they go, all morning long.  If the chicken-neckers are weekend crabbers, they are often excited when scooping up the larger crabs and exclaim loudly to their partner who is driving the boat, “Wow!  That’s a big ‘un!” and “Oooh!  Look at this one!”  I suppose when one has gotten up early and been on the water for an hour, 5:30 a.m. must not seem too early to be loud, despite all the cruising boats nearby with occupants still trying to sleep.  (Can you discern our location from these comments?)

This watercolor, painted on canvas, captures the repetitive moves of a professional crabber as he drives his boat back and forth along his baited line.  This is a classic crabbing boat, and they usually bear a woman’s name, e.g. Emily, Nora, or Sara Mae.  The name, Crabbin’ Cruiser, is a boat name we saw on a smaller open boat with weekend crabbers aboard, but I liked the pun and couldn’t resist using it as the title for this picture.

Crabbin’ Cruiser, watercolor on canvas, 16″ x 20″

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

      • Why, thanks!! 🙂
        I never was t-totally happy with anything I did until this new theme came along. LOVE it, myself. Also began a new one and am sorting out what goes where for a while. Had to make a quick start with it, to be finished later, because I wanted to put the url on my business cards before the last conference. No hits from that, yet. 😦

    • Thanks, Jo! I challenged myself to use some different colors than I usually do, so I found a room “palette” in a decorating magazine and then mixed pigments that I already had to create similar hues.

      • Wow…interesting where ideas can come from. Youdid good Ruth, because those colours really work well together to show so many small nuances in the work.

  1. I love like the composition of this work, it gives me a real feel for the traffic on the waterway and your description bought it even further to life for me. Thank you for giving a brief glimpse into your day.

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