6 of 120 Paintings

Another plant that was in the garden when we moved in:

Chives, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

Watching this plant bloom was a wonderful surprise.  I had not seen chives blooming before.  The buds come up amidst the long stalks and then burst into these beautiful red-purple puffy balls.

I am learning to use chives in my cooking since I like going out into the garden and picking things that we then eat.  I have put them with potatoes, and in potato salad, and in green salad.  I saw them growing at a friend’s house and she said she puts them in eggs.

If you cook with chives, please share with me how you use them!

12 thoughts on “6 of 120 Paintings

  1. Great painting! Yours are prettier than mine, in bloom.
    I like chives snipped into sour cream for a chip dip and I love them stirred into bread dough to make chive rolls for dinner, or added to the butter between slices of French bread for a milder effect than garlic powder would give. Sometimes I snip them and toss them into a salad, especially if it’s just for me, since I do not use much salad dressing, but only lemon juice and salt. It adds a nice touch.
    Not sure how you use them with potatoes, but if you whip them into whipped potatoes, that’s very nice, too. 🙂

  2. My chives probably look much the same as your do. However, my artistic license says that I have to make things look better than reality, so I edited out the spent blooms, the weeds in the garden, the stray dead leaves, etc. Thanks for the suggestions for using this herb in cooking, especially for using it with bread.

    • Ah, yes, editing! 🙂 But I meant the blooms are such a great color, whereas mine are a weary white mixed with a palid peachy-pink. I think against their backdrop of buff-colored brick, they just could use more color. I’ve never seen this great red in chives. I’d try the blooms in salad, too, I think. 🙂

  3. We like putting them in eggs, quiches, sprinkled freshly diced on salads, and thrown in with sauteed veggies. Potatoes are also good with chives thrown in.

    The blossoms provide a nice splash of color if you put a few of them in as garnish on a salad.

    In my experience, chive plants love getting chopped and abused. Our little herb box chives come back even stronger after we harvest them.

    Also, Jenn and I love the painting!

  4. Good ideas, Paul! And since I wrote to Katharine (above) our chive plants have started to put out more blossoms. So I will have to try them as a garnish on a salad. Do you eat the blossoms? I think I’m anticipating a texture antipathy here.

    • Oh, wouldn’t they be lovely pressed between layers of pasta! Pasta is totally easy to make and if you press things like blossoms between two layers and roll one more time, they shine through in a translucent way. Doesn’t do much except be impressive, but is fun if you have the time for it. Love artistic food!

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