7 of 120 Paintings – Cherries

What are the birds eating this year?  I don’t know, but it isn’t the cherries on the two small trees near the entrance to the marina where we live.  We have enjoyed cherry pudding cake and cherry pie, and today I decided to paint the cherries on the tree.  I should have done this yesterday, before I picked the cherries for the pie.  The trees had been loaded with cherries and I enjoyed the contrast of the complementary reds and greens.  So, although there are still many cherries on the trees, I did have to imagine some of them back in their places to make this picture.

Sour Cherry, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

I also took more than my goal of one hour to paint this.  I got busy with the shapes and colors and lost track of time.  In the future, I should set a timer.

10 thoughts on “7 of 120 Paintings – Cherries

    • These cherries are getting a little darker as they ripen, but I had picked all of those for the pie. They are sour and not very pleasant to eat right off the tree. We get darker sweet cherries in the market, and they are just now coming into season.

    • This is where my blogging ignorance comes to light. I haven’t figured out how to put in a little box with the description of my goals for this project on each post.
      I’m doing a series of 120 small paintings, each in about an hour, as a means to get myself painting faster, concentrating on the whole image, and not getting bogged down in the details until the last bit, and also just to get more “miles” under my brush. I’m still doing other paintings (slower) and enjoying the subjects, too.
      Thanks for your comment.

      • Um. Being in such a hot climate, we do not grow cherries well. So I buy them, canned, as “pie cherries”. They are wonderful in cherry pie. If I had such a jubilee as you have depicted, I would make a cherry pie by any recipe at all. The one that commonly comes inside the label on a can of pie cherries is what I use, and I love it!
        However, I have been known to make a variation pineapple upsidedown cake that substituted these cherries for in the caramelly/pineapple top that begins as the bottom, and used a chocolate cake recipe. Add whipped cream when serving and stay off the scales for at least a month! 🙂
        Also, sweetened and thickened with a bit of cornstarch, as for pie, but then dumped warm over ice cream is just heavenly. Or over cheesecake, custard, pudding, mashed potatoes . . . Oh. Not mashed potatoes. Ha. 😀 I do like cherries, though.

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