8 and 9 of 120 Paintings

I saw these wonderful Bosc pears when I went shopping and had to paint them (#9 of 120) because the shapes are so interesting.  I have painted many pears before and I resorted to these since my #8 painting didn’t turn out well and I wanted some success.

Bosc Pears, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

For my #8 painting, I walked down the street to a marina.  My husband and I have often admired a catboat which occupies a slip here.  I set a timer for one hour and this is where I was at the end of that time:


I worked on it some more later, filling in the rest of the water and some bushes and trees in the background.  I don’t like the result.  I think my perspective is not right, I don’t have enough sun and shadows, and the subject was too complicated for me to finish in an hour.  But this project is about learning, and so I’m posting the result anyway.

Catboat, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

6 thoughts on “8 and 9 of 120 Paintings

    • I’d like to try again on the boat, perhaps leaving out the background and maybe giving just a suggestion of water. Thanks for being so supportive and encouraging!

      • I love your work! I love watercolor, I think, because it can be so gentle yet can depict strength in the right hands. Would that make it gentlemanly? 😀
        Anyway, yes, do try again. It is a great subject. I love the water before that post on the left. Oh well, your call, of course. I could get TOO caught up in it if I did not have a different calling. 🙂

  1. The pears have “character.” I like the way you arranged and captured them. I’m glad you posted the before/after of them boat. It helped me to see your perspective. Thanks.

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