10 of 120 Paintings – Catboat (a second time)

I walked back down to the marina and painted this boat again because its shape is pleasing to my eye.  I left out the dock and the surrounding environment and just included a suggestion of the sky and water.  I like this enough that I think I will do a larger painting that can include more detail (when we have another sunny day).

Cat Boat II, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

This boat’s name is Hesper and she occupies a slip at Paradise Marina here in Deale, Maryland.

5 thoughts on “10 of 120 Paintings – Catboat (a second time)

    • You are so encouraging! So when you come for a ride in the boat, are you going to be just a passenger, or are you going to crew: help put up the sail and pull on the lines and take a turn at the helm?

      • Besides ferries and little pirots, rowboats, and canoes, I’ve only been on a boat, once, a small yacht that my brother managed with no crew. Really small. However, I would love helping, even if you had to tell me every move to make! I would need gloves, I think, because I have the hands of a landlubber. And I would need a lifejacket, because I AM ONE. 😀
        But I would love it. I love big water.

  1. Nice job! So simple, and you can really see that the lines ‘please your eye’ from the way you painted it.

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