Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Tools of my Trade, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

In response to this week’s challenge, I painted the tools that I use to create watercolor paintings:  my palette with paints in the wells and some puddles on the mixing surface, brushes, a roll of paper towels, a small spray bottle for wetting the paints, and two containers of water.   One container is used for rinsing brushes and the other is clean water for mixing with paints.

And I have to admit that my palette isn’t usually this clean.  The paints don’t stay in the wells and I don’t always rinse my brush before mixing a color, which results in dirty spots, especially in the yellows.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

  1. it would have been interesting to see your palette not so clean… in the process of the creation… but this way too, it is very pleasant to see.

    • My normal tendency while painting is to edit and make a scene look more pleasing, however, your comment has given me an idea. I will keep an eye out for when my palette has an interesting mix of paint left on it and will try to pull a print of it.

    • Does this mean that you and ShimonZ want me to paint the mess on my palette, or give you a picture of it? I tried yesterday to pull a print of the leftover paint, but I used watercolor paper. It has so much texture that the image had a lot of interesting colors and textures, but didn’t resemble what had been on the palette.

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