Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

clockworks, watercolor, 6″ x 4″

Inside the top of our grandfather clock, behind the face, is the movement, or the clock works.  It is called the movement because it transfers the motion from the swing of the pendulum through the gears to the hands on the face of the clock.  At the bottom of the pendulum is a screw for raising or lowering the disk, which makes the swing shorter or longer so the clock can be adjusted to keep time accurately.  This grandfather clock doesn’t sound a deep bass “gong” as one might expect from a clock this size.  Instead, the small bell visible at the top of the works gives out a soprano “ding” when struck by the clapper.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

    • Thank you, Helen. You are used to this type of detail in your botanical renderings. I usually try for more of an impression and pushing the color for an emotional impact.

  1. Ruth, I love the series you are working on. The detail is amazing. It reminds me of the trumpet parts series the Chris Carter is working on. You and Chris have two totally different styles but the learning and the challenge is obvious. Good Work!

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