Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Hollyhocks, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

My husband picked out a package of  seeds for purple hollyhocks  last summer and planted them in the garden.  They sprouted, grew leaves and survived being transplanted.  I think they enjoyed our mild winter.  Hollyhock plants bloom the second year, and when spring came, they put out lots of large leaves and then sent up tall flower spikes.  The large round flowers opened, a purple so deep it was almost black.  The stamens were filled with bright yellow pollen, which dropped onto the lower petals of the flowers.  Now the seed pods are ripe, breaking open and dropping their abundance back into the garden.  Do you think we’ll have purple hollyhocks again?

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

      • However, I am a water color painter as well and the mood that was evoked by your purple wash …was..well..calming to me!!! Unlike some the startling and bold photos of others ..I enjoy the medium and the contrast, thanks.

  1. No, I do not think you will have purple hollyhocks, entirely, next year . . . but I hope it. 😉
    Nice job, and fun to see these bloomers again! Sorry I have not been to visit in so long! 😦

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