Music and Art

Poster Art for New Score Chamber Orchestra

My husband’s old friend and colleague Jamie Wehr honored me with an invitation to present a solo art show in conjunction with New Score Chamber Orchestra’s fall concert.  I also painted the poster art to advertise the event.  Jamie is the Music Director of the New Score Chamber Orchestra.  His media consultant Rachel Ann Poling completed the graphic design work overlaid on the poster.

The venue is the “White House,” home of Benoit Glazer, Music Director of Cirque du Soleil in Orlando.  Benoit Glazer’s Timucua Arts Foundation is a sponsor of the event.

Please click the image to view an enlarged version and to see the time, date and location of the concert.


2 thoughts on “Music and Art

  1. I am totally amazed and so glad to say, “I sort of know the woman who painted that poster!”
    It is truly a sweet scene and I’m happy you have been chosen for this great project. Very, very good! Yay, RUTH! 🙂

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