Sunset Sail, watercolor, 4.5″ x 8″

This watercolor of a sailboat at sunset was done from my imagination and memories of being on our boat at this time of day.  Since we live at a marina, my husband often comes to me later in the day and asks, if I am not too busy, to go out on our boat to watch the sunset.

I love watching the clouds turn gold, orange, pink, and purple.  I like how the lowering sunlight casts a golden hue over everything and the shadows turn deep blue-purple.  I’m enthralled when the light has faded so that everything is silhouetted against the sky, but the water catches the light and is an etherial blue.

Artists, including me, like the light when the sun is low in the sky, at both ends of the day, since it is a good color and makes long shadows.  Sailing and watching the play of light on objects is a large part of my everyday life.

(# 28 of 120 Paintings)


120 Paintings

“It takes 120 bad paintings to know something about painting.”  –  Larry Seiler as quoted by Jeff Mahorney in his blog

Each painting is small in format and should be completed in about an hour or less.

My goals are to improve my technique, to paint faster, and to gain experience with a variety of subjects.