Ruffles and Flourishes

Ruffles and Flourishes, watercolor, 21″ x 29″

Ruffles and Flourishes are the fanfare preludes to musical honors given at the entrance of high-ranking political and military officials.  Flags like these, snapping in the breeze on a tall ship, are used to convey nationality, send messages, and give honor to high-ranking occupants.

For this watercolor painting, I have used a “broken color” technique in which the colors are varied from the original colors, and the picture “reads” correctly no matter what color is used as long as the value – the lightness or darkness of the color – is correct.  I chose three pigments, a red, a blue, and a yellow, and all the variations are mixed from these three pigments.

9 thoughts on “Ruffles and Flourishes

  1. This is an exciting work! Full of sun and wind and humidity — I think it would be a great day for a race! I can almost hear those straight-lined flags snapping and fluttering, and smell the musty saltiness of the sand. And the waves and gulls, too, although not shown, are definitely there, crashing and screeching.
    Love the color changes, too. 🙂

    • There were a number of tall ships in Baltimore harbor earlier this year, in commemoration of the War of 1812 between the British and the U.S. My stepmother took a photo which inspired this scene. When she saw my picture, she insisted on getting the photo to see how I had adapted it. Thanks for your interest and your comments, which are always encouraging.

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