Old Fashioned Doll

Old Fashioned Doll, watercolor, 7″x5″

I spent the past week with my daughter and granddaughters.  I borrowed this subject after seeing it lying on the floor with its arms and legs akimbo.  When my granddaughter got up from her nap, she was thrilled to see a picture of “my dolly!”

I’d be interested to hear which toys hold a prominent place in your memories!


120 Paintings

“It takes 120 bad paintings to know something about painting.”  –  Larry Seiler as quoted by Jeff Mahorney in his blog

Each painting is small in format and should be completed in about an hour or less.

My goals are to improve my technique, to paint faster, and to gain experience with a variety of subjects.

4 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Doll

  1. Wow! That is GREAT! I wish I could paint like that! I drew Raggedy Ann and I am now going to fill it in with primacolor markers. It would be great if I could paint it, but I do not know about that 😦

  2. My grandmother had a doll in her “toy box” which was just a cardboard box that also contained several rubber farm animals and firetruck that did nothing but roll on the floor if we pushed it. All the toys in it had belonged to her children, my aunts and uncles, my mom’s siblings. This doll had molded hair, short like a newborn’s, and had one of those noisemakers inside that contain a weighted sort of whistle inside so when you flip it over the weight slides down inside a cylinder and the natural change in air pressure causes it to whistle. So when we turned the doll over on its tummy, it whistled, “Ma-ma!” and when we turned it over onto its back, it whistled, “Waa-waa!”
    We loved it. 🙂

    And my son, Andrew, who is now 42, had a Raggedy Andy doll when he was six or so. 😉

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