Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This week’s challenge is the color green.  In this watercolor painting, the primary hue used is green.  If one looks carefully, even the “coffee” is green in the area we interpret as reflected light.

Coffee I, watercolor, 7″ x 7″

So, here’s wishing you a great cup of coffee, whatever color the reflections are in your cup!


This picture is part of a series of watercolor featuring coffee that can be viewed here.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

    • My art teachers have emphasized that if I get the value (lightness/darkness) correct, I can put any color in there and our brains will interpret it correctly. Did you think colors while watching black and white TV? Same principle.
      I’m still thinking about the story you told me about your friend who also likes her coffee strong and black; it’s percolating into a picture.

      • Mmm! I can smell it already!
        Yes, I did think of black and white TV as being colors. In fact, I fancied I could tell the colors of debatable things, such as clothing, buy the shades of gray. I as wrong! I always thought Superman’s colors were blue and black, until I saw color drawings of him. 🙂
        Along the same lines, I have seen photos of a type of drama or play that is called “black and white” drama, in which every article of prop is gray, including, even the actor’s hair and skin, ALL painted or chosen to look like a black and white TV show. I would love to watch one, sometime.

      • I remember being disappointed when I first saw a familiar show in color and the actor’s hair was not the color I was firmly convinced it was! Somehow, in my self-centered universe, the actor was wrong, and not me!

    • Because I am a painter, I initially felt like my response would be cheating. I can make anything green! I just have to get the values (lights and darks) in the painting right. Thanks for stopping by.

    • I haven’t run across the term celedon before, but that is the name for this color. I was using a mixture of Quinacrindone Gold, Burnt Siena, and Winsor Blue pigments, but I found that I, too, really liked the shade of green that I got.

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