The Daily Post has issued a challenge to post a portrait of the blogger doing whatever it is that inspires us to blog.  Since my blog is about watercolor and art, and because I live near the Chesapeake Bay and often paint pictures of sailboats, here is a recent picture of me doing two of the things that inspire me:  sailing and drawing.

Drawing while Sailing

This November day was chilly, and I was bundled up because of the wind and the cooler temperatures on the water.

Painting on the boat is impractical, except while we are anchored, so drawing is the way I capture images.  A sepia pen makes a picture that is not as stark as one done with black ink.

Rick at the Helm

The most interesting subject for me that day was my husband, who was at the helm of the boat.  He has pointed out that the boat’s tiller is missing.  Since he doesn’t like to have to sit still while I am drawing, I am challenged to capture a moving subject.  Sometimes his right hand was on the tiller and at other times he was stabilizing it with his foot, so the tiller got left out.

And thank you, Daily Post for a wonderful way to celebrate:  this is my 100th post!

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