Standing Heron

Standing Heron, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

This majestic great blue heron was standing in the shallows fishing when we saw him.

It was a challenge for me to get the waves into the water without the water upstaging the heron.   I finally washed over the whole background a couple of times with clear water, softening the edges and picking up some of the paint, leaving the sharper details to the bird himself.

7 thoughts on “Standing Heron

  1. I love birds so much and love the ocean so much, I forget they often go together. This is so inviting. Makes me want to be there. And the water is great, a sort of crazy quilt background that lends depth without making us think so much of water, as of the bird. 🙂

      • I had the privilege to go to a heronry when I was in high school. It was unusual to see so many herons in one place, and especially to see these large birds perching in the trees. What a funny sight!

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