Emotional Response to Color

This is the first of three pictures of mountains and trees.  Each picture is monochromatic and depicts the same scene.  I’m looking for how different colors convey varied emotional messages.  (Come back tomorrow and the next day for the contrasting pictures!)

Mountains and Trees (I), watercolor, 7" x 5"
Mountains and Trees (I), watercolor, 7″x5″

What feeling does this scene elicit when you view it?

18 thoughts on “Emotional Response to Color

  1. Hi Ruth, This colour scheme of this scene makes me feel sombre and a bit pensive, the brown colours makes me think of autumn and the quiet end of the year. Here in Australia the summers are so hot, it is a great sense of relief for autumn to come, but as these are a deeper brown hues, which seem like the end of autumn and the makes me feel the quiet as you slow down for the longer, colder slower months of winter.

  2. This picture makes me think of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, or southwest art in general. Now mind you I have never been to any of the places so I am not sure I can exactly put my finger on the feeling it elicits. Since it makes me think of deserts and open spaces I imagine them free of people.That perhaps makes me feel a little lost or lonely. I am geographically challenged and I always carry a residual feeling of anxiety whenever I am in an unfamiliar place and face the possibility of getting lost. Now if you promise to come back and get me in an hour or two and leave me here with my camera my feelings would change to abundant JoY!

  3. Calm.
    Lots of color and light always makes me feel attacked. I love dark and neutral, and love brown a lot. So, I also feel welcomed, as if I belong here.
    Also makes me think of chocolate and coffee, so I also feel sort of happy in an anticipatory way.

    So, happy to be invited into a calm place where there’s lotsa coffee? 🙂

  4. It makes me think of sunsets in bushfire season..everything looks browny orange with the smoke haze. Maybe because we recently had a large fire not far from here so we had these colours for days lol

  5. The first word that came to me was sombre, and I see that that’s already been mentioned. Colour is such an interesting subject. I’m looking forward to seeing the next one.

    • Me, too. I’m not really happy with the scraggly trees, but that’s what came out. Let’s see if they’re any less depressing with another color (and with the practice of having done them once before!)

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