Emotional Response to Color, Part 2

This scene is very similar to the one I posted yesterday, but the color is different.  I have tried to make the values (the light-ness or dark-ness) of each section similar.

Mountains and Trees (II), watercolor, 7"x5"
Mountains and Trees (II), watercolor, 7″x5″

I’m deliberately not showing the previous image because I don’t want you to compare them, but I would appreciate your comments on how this scene feels to you.

18 thoughts on “Emotional Response to Color, Part 2

  1. I see “mysterious” is already given, but that was my first thought.
    I want to go there, it is nighttime and dangerous, but I don’t care even that I’m leaving loved ones behind.
    Magnetic in a dangerous but desired way.

      • The paint that I used in each of the sections was Winsor Violet (made by Winsor & Newton, made with carbazole dioazine, PV 23).
        The sky looks bluer than the rest because I added some blue to that wash, and some reds to the other washes. The blue helps to push the sky back in the picture and the reds help to bring the other sections closer, while still allowing the primary color in the piece to be purple.

  2. This purplish hue is calming but it doesn’t feel real to me like the brown. I don’t know why because I have been witness to more than one sunrise where not only the sky but the air around me took on a lavender hue.

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