Emotional Response to Color: Comparison

I thought you might like to see all three versions on the same page.

You described the first version as:

sombre, pensive, like the end of autumn, quiet, lonely, open, calm, welcoming, smoky, hazy, lost, faded memories, depressing


The second version came across as:

mysterious, inviting, deep, meditative, introspective, moon-y, dangerous, magnetic, quiet, pensive, calming, unreal, peaceful, nighttime


And the final version was described as:

welcoming, calming, peaceful, quiet, dusk, a prelude to wet weather, somber, sad, unnatural

Thank you for all of your insightful comments!



5 thoughts on “Emotional Response to Color: Comparison

  1. After looking at them all and listening to what bubbles up, I think I would choose the purple. Great exercise, Ruth! Thanks for giving us a way to see how we react to different colors.

  2. Very interesting post! I used to work with commercial artists, one of whom would tell me all about how people react to colors in advertising.

    My father in law is an art collector and he likes asking my wife and I our opinions of his collections – we always have somewhat different reactions, but can see how the other would react the way they did though.

    And I’d pick #3

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