Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolve

This week’s challenge is to show a picture of one of my resolutions for the coming year. I have pondered how to do this and was stumped until I walked into my studio and saw this scene:

Resolve, watercolor, 7" x 5"
Resolve, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

I have registered for a class with a new teacher and was taking inventory of my paints prior to ordering the supplies on the class list. My RESOLVE is to get more paint out of the tubes and onto the paper this year!

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolve

  1. Like you, I was equally stumped but decided to show a picture of what I would like to put on paper. You got your paints and I got my ink! Good post!

  2. i’m impressed! great job, painted specially for this post! winsor and newtons are hands down my favorite, and they are very difficult to find in latin america. when i return to the states, i spend a small fortune on pigments and decent brushes.

    i love this post! z

  3. You go girl! Nicely painted and I hope it is the first of many. Good luck with your resolution.

    • This table is right in front of a window and the sunshine was streaming through it. But the real reason for the bleakness is trying to paint this in an hour (no time for subtlety) and by the time I was painting, the sunlight was gone and I had to make up what I remembered seeing. 🙂
      My new class is on painting watercolor as an impressionist, which relies heavily on painting what I am seeing, so this scene might look very different if I paint it in an another month or two.

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