Repainting Sour Cherry, Part 2

I left off Sour Cherry (#2) with the cherries and leaves painted. Now my task was to add the tree branch and make sure that all the stems connected up logically.

Sour Cherry Part 3, watercolor, 7" x 5"
Sour Cherry Part 3, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

Finishing touches:
This is the point when I need to step back and make sure that everything looks the way I want it to. The highlights on the cherries were too harsh, so I “tickled” the edges of the highlights with a damp brush and softened the edges. I also painted in the words and the border by painting clear water on the page and then touching in red, yellow, and green pigment which floated into the damp spaces. I erased any noticeable pencil lines. As a final step, I splattered the colors I had been using on the page. This tends to break up the stark white background and somehow draws the painting together when used judiciously.

Final painting:

Sour Cherry (#2), watercolor, 7" x 5"
Sour Cherry (#2), watercolor, 7″ x 5″

6 thoughts on “Repainting Sour Cherry, Part 2

  1. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for sharing how you create your lovely painting, it was so interesting and I am so excited and can’t wait for them to arrive. Sorry it took so long to comment, but i have been flat out at work for the last couple of weeks. Karen

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