Paintings from One of my Students: Cheri W.

I’m so thrilled with this work by one of my students that I just wanted to showcase it!

Cheri writes:
I’ve always wanted to BE an artist. It was my dream for myself since 5th grade. My dad was an artist, and so matter of fact and humble about it. He did it for himself and the pleasure it brought him. He could draw and paint beautifully. And he gave everything away to anyone who wanted it. I admired and respected him for all his talents, but mostly his artistic side. I wish he could have seen something I painted, but he passed away in 2011. I just never had the confidence to try or if I did, I would be frustrated and quit. Since Ruth took me under her wing, I have begun to enjoy the process of learning to paint and discovering the hidden blessings that are revealed through creating something. It makes me think on what it meant in the Bible after creation where it says, “And God was pleased.” I even think sometimes about how watercolor painting is like life and people and challenges. I still get frustrated!!! but I especially enjoy the fellowship and friendships developed through such an intimate one-on-one learning experience. I could never get that in a classroom! Everything I paint, even my color chart becomes a part of the experience and memory. I look at Creation in a new way…always thinking how would that be painted. I feel like I have something to say inside me that can only be said through an expression of art. I’m pleased with my beginning and looking forward to seeing how I grow and improve.

7 thoughts on “Paintings from One of my Students: Cheri W.

    • Cheri is an adult, counting down the days until she can retire and set sail with her husband on their boat. Because they live on their boat, her paintings are all small, due to storage constraints for materials.

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