Before and After (sort of)

It is hard to say right now how much effect Lee Boynton’s class in Impressionist Watercolor will have on my painting, but I wanted to do two paintings of the same subject, a “before” and an “after”, even though both are done after the class is finished.

I consciously tried to paint the picture on the left in the manner in which I used to paint, although I could tell that the recent class is having an impact on my choices of colors to use. I am grateful to Gwen Bragg for all the foundational skills I learned under her tutelage. She taught me to harmonize colors and to paint forms that have depth. She stressed observation of reflections and shadowed areas when painting whites. My husband said that he prefers the background and tablecloth in this picture.

I think one of the differences I can see here is that in the picture on the left I am painting oranges and a bowl. In the picture on the right, I am painting the light on the oranges and the bowl. It’s a subtle difference, a conceptual difference. (I also think I should have made the shadows on the tablecloth darker.) My thanks to Lee Boynton for expanding my ability to see and understand colors and light.

My husband has had his say. Which do you prefer, and why?

4 thoughts on “Before and After (sort of)

  1. I prefer the background and the shadow on the tablecloth in the left picture, but I think the details of the pores and wrinkles on the orange skin and the buttons of the old orange blossoms are better in the right picture.
    Could not possibly choose!

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