What Color Would You Paint Music?

In another attempt to “paint music” I have put together this submission for the program cover for the New Score Chamber Orchestra.

Brand New Score, pen and ink with watercolor, 18.5" x 14.25"
Brand New Score, pen and ink with watercolor, 18.5″ x 14.25″

My friend’s father, a retired college professor and inveterate music lover, has been intrigued by my attempts. One of the assignments that he gave his students involved drawing a picture of a piece of classical music. We have had a couple of long discussions about this, especially when I explained that in my attempts I have tried to avoid using symbols. I have employed some musical notation in this piece, but only in the “construction” aspect, not in the “sounds” one sees.

If you were to make a picture of music, how would you portray it?
What piece of music would you choose to represent?

6 thoughts on “What Color Would You Paint Music?

  1. hey amiga
    i love what you’ve done here! i also love how you embraced this challenge!

    my friend and i are still bogged down not only in the floor-painting project but also on a painting for her to take home.

    now back to painting!

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