Time Out for Art, a Pencil Drawing on Thursday

Lisa, better known as “z” of Zeebra Designs, has issued an art challenge – to post a drawing on Thursdays.  So, I put down my brush and picked up a pencil, as well as picking the rose that became my subject.

Rose, pencil, 5" x 7"
Rose, pencil, 5″ x 7″

To see more sketches in this challenge, visit z’s playamart blog

13 thoughts on “Time Out for Art, a Pencil Drawing on Thursday

  1. Even in pencil the Rose is beautiful! The Rose is my special flower that has blessed me in many ways through the years…..

  2. Ruth! This is so beautiful! The drawing tempts me to reach out and touch the rose, to lean forward and smell its delicate aroma!
    Thank you so much for switching to pencil and adding this lovely rose to the time out for art series!


    • Thursdays have crept up on me quickly the past couple of weeks. I even went back through my sketchbooks to see what I might have in pencil and was amazed at how little there was. So, I was happy to pick up a pencil again and do this sketch. I didn’t see yours and John’s comments about the background until after I had posted, but that was in my mind when I decided to do this: put the pale rose on a dark surface so the white will show up by contrast. And then the challenge was to get the contrast of the leaves/background/shadows right. Thanks for this challenge, z!

      • hey amiga!
        now that we have the ease of digital cameras, i think many of us have traded pencil for camera. drawing always puts me in a dreamlike state,and i love the essence of drawing. yes, we need to reawaken that part that we’re losing with today’s technology.

        have a great weekend, amiga!


    • Yes, the contrast was fun. And actually, the leaves were easier than the petals, since I kept loosing my place in amongst all the delicate folds and twists and turns of the flower. Thanks for your comment!

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