My pencil drawing this week (for Zeebra Design’s challenge “Time Out for Art”) is a watering can.  I decided to draw in only the shadows, as drawing the shadow shapes gives us the form of the object.

Watering Can, pencil, 5" x 7"

Watering Can, pencil, 5″ x 7″

Lisa talks in her post about the concentration needed to draw correctly and how others talking around her disrupt her concentration, making her lines go astray.  I, too, find myself drawing best when deep in concentration.  My husband can tell when my brain shifts into “drawing mode” because I may start a sentence and trail off mid-way through, leaving him to figure out what I would have said.  Although I did some drawing and painting while my children were growing up, I decided to delay pursuing it diligently because I recognized this intense concentration I have. I didn’t like being interrupted while in that state and I decided that I never wanted to tell my children to “go away!”  Hence the delayed start to my being a professional artist.  Others find different solutions to this concentration-interruption dilemma.