Bury the Rail!

Bury the Rail!, watercolor, 4.5" x 6.75"
Bury the Rail!, watercolor, 4.5″ x 6.75″

When the wind blows hard on the sails of a boat, the boat goes forward, but also heels over.  Some sailors get a lot of excitement and feel like they are going really fast when the boat is tipped this far. The sailor’s term for tipping until the edge the deck in the water is to “bury the rail.”

My husband is a very considerate boat captain.  When we are sailing together, we rarely get tipped over this far.  Especially when we were sailing with our young children, I didn’t like being tipped a lot.  Whenever I start to feel uncomfortable, Rick will pull in some of the sail so that we can sail flatter, or more upright.

However, this crew looked like they were having a lot of  fun that day!

7 thoughts on “Bury the Rail!

    • It’s exciting and fun, and I’ve gotten over a lot of my fear of tipping, especially now that I don’t have little-people-for-whom-I’m-responsible in the boat with us.

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