Bridge over the South River

A friend of mine lives in Edgewater, Maryland, just off the South River.  Near her house is a bridge that goes over the river.  It is officially called the Veterans Memorial Bridge, but most people I know refer to it as the Route 2 bridge over the South River.  I was  painting there this morning and liked this view, looking up at the span.

South River Bridge, watercolor, 5" x 7"
South River Bridge, watercolor, 5″ x 7″


16 thoughts on “Bridge over the South River

  1. Love the foliage in this painting — the difference between different plants in the foreground especially. I like the reflection of the bridge in the water, too. I love the composition!

    For some reason it doesn’t quite feel like the foundation blocks of the bridge supports are “in” the water. Perhaps it’s the dark shadow line at the bottom of each one — it doesn’t seem like there is a corresponding line in the reflection, which makes it feel like the blocks are not quite connected to the water. Not sure if that’s the reason, but my eye had a hard time with that.

    Great painting, Ruth!

  2. Really like this one! Seems you framed the bridge just the right, and the orange in the bridge is so pleasing with the blues. Like the feeling of being hidden and looking out. 🙂

    • I showed this post to the friend who lives near this site and she said, “You made it so much prettier than it is!” which is my prerogative as an artist. The bridge isn’t this clean and the day was overcast, but I didn’t want to paint clouds and little color.
      Good for you for picking up on the complementary colors!

      • I think most of us see it, but we may not consciously know what gives it such an attraction or sparkle. We learn to use it to our advantage. I was at an outdoor artsy open-house at a local museum and one of the girls visiting had painted a dark purple crab on her piece of silk. She was discouraged with it because it looked dark and dirty and “ugly.” We persuaded her to finish the crab and then had her paint the background a sunny yellow. All of a sudden, the crab jumped out visually and she loved it.

      • Yes. That. I see it often and also the opposite. I think the blue shadow in snow is better if the snow is ever so slightly orange. Just pops, somehow…Have to teach my little artist that, soon. She’ll love it, as a trick, as a shortcut to awesomeness. 🙂

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