Time Out for Art: Discipline and Patience

How often do I finish a painting and then “check off the box.”  Been there and done that!  But what happens if I do it again?

Recently I posted a painting of my niece and my daughter at the beach.  My niece, Annie, wanted to see the evolution of the picture, so I have hunted up all my references.

It started out with a day at the beach with my sister and some of our children.  We were both living in Florida at the time, but in different cities,  and met at a beach about half-way between our homes.  I took many photos that day, but the image that stayed in my mind was of our daughters running into the waves.

Annie and Elizabeth, digital photo
Annie and Elizabeth, digital photo

I wanted to paint the scene, but wasn’t sure how to go about it.  (This was before I started studying with Gwen Bragg). I decided that the photo had too  much information for me, so I did a pencil drawing, which gave me shapes and values without the distraction of colors.

Annie and Elizabeth, pencil, 11" x 8.5"
Annie and Elizabeth, pencil, 11″ x 8.5″

And here is the painting:

Annie and Elizabeth (#1), watercolor, 15" x 22"
Annie and Elizabeth (#1), watercolor, 15″ x 22″

Several years later, while studying with Gwen Bragg, we had a lesson on painting waves at the beach.  We had already done a lesson on painting people, so I decided to do this picture again.  I am glad that I had the discipline and patience to revisit this picture, as the character of the waves and the sky now help to highlight the movement of the figures.

Annie and Elizabeth, watercolor, 14" x 21"
Annie and Elizabeth, watercolor, 14″ x 21″




14 thoughts on “Time Out for Art: Discipline and Patience

  1. Lovely look at a painting’s development. You can see how much more you have learnt in the second picture, which has so much more movement, but I still like the simplicity of the first one as well.

    • Thanks, Barry. I’ve enjoyed looking at your workshop photos and paintings, especially of the Cotswolds, which brought back memories of a visit there many years ago.

  2. OMG Thank you SO much for showing your process! I ADMIRE painters because I still find it to large a task for me to try just yet! Beautiful image and how lucky your nieces are!

  3. Incredible work. At times I have done three passes at a painting before I get close to what I feel.

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