Weekly Challenge: Horizon

For this week’s challenge, I went into my archives for one of my early paintings. This is North Head Lighthouse, overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Columbia River.  My son was assigned to the Coast Guard station near here and we walked up to the lighthouse while visiting him.

North Head Lighthouse, watercolor, 23" x 18"
North Head Lighthouse, watercolor, 23″ x 18″

By the time the Columbia River meets the ocean, it is a large river, carrying a lot of water and sand.  This forms a treacherous, constantly shifting bar at the mouth of the river.  These are dangerous waters.  Ships sailing from over the horizon look for this light to help determine their position.  Even with wonderful electronic means of calculating position (GPS), there is no substitute for the visual confirmation of a known light. 

6 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge: Horizon

  1. Lovely and full of light. I am always inspired by lighthouses. They seem to stand Massive, proud, and strong. Their mission is to save lives and the keepers are rugged and truely independent individuals. I feel their strength in my core.

    • Thanks for your comment, Linda. It was wonderful to visit this place during a sunny day, when the flowers were blooming and all was well in our world. I tried not to think about my son going out on the boat during storms, wet-suited, helmeted, and strapped to the boat in case it turned over…

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