Autumn Morning on the Rhode River

Autumn Morning on the Rhode River, watercolor, 6.5" x 10"
Autumn Morning on the Rhode River, watercolor, 6.5″ x 10″

One of the ways my husband and I are enjoying the autumn days is by getting in some sailing time and overnights on the boat.  The reward of going out this time of year, despite the cooler weather, is the glorious scenery of the changing trees and the colorful reflections in the water.  This past weekend we anchored in the Rhode River, which is south of Annapolis and empties into the Chesapeake Bay.  The day was clear and calm, making the water glassy.  By the time we had finished drinking our coffee (note: finishing the coffee before painting is important as otherwise I would rinse my brush in the coffee by mistake!) the sun was up and there were a few ripples from other boats.

(This is #84 of 120 paintings.)

7 thoughts on “Autumn Morning on the Rhode River

    • I’ve never tried. Each time I dip my brush in the coffee, I’m dismayed because then I have to throw out the coffee since some of my pigments are toxic 😦
      There are some artists who paint with coffee (or wine). I’ve never tried because I’ve expended effort and expense to make my materials acid-free; why would I then paint with something that includes acid and might be fugitive?

  1. hey amiga!
    i stayed up all night at my friend’s hostal and am a tiny bit ahead in the cyber world for today!
    i caught myself dipping my brush in my coffee a few nights ago – whoops!

    a friend of mind sometimes paints with coffee, and i wondered about the lightfastness – surely the design will fade? you’re right about the acid as well….

    i’m so glad to have time to stop by, and maybe in another week i’ll be online more often.


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