Site for a Barn Wedding

My friend and her husband live in the farmhouse that belonged to her grandfather. There are chickens, ducks, and ponies for her grandchildren.  Not too long ago, one of her children got married here.  They set up a couple of doors to be the entrance to an outdoor “church” and hung a couple of stained glass windows near the front. Hay bales covered with burlap served as pews for this outdoor wedding.

Barn Wedding Site, watercolor, 5" x 7"
Barn Wedding Site, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

What kind of music would you play for a wedding at this venue?

6 thoughts on “Site for a Barn Wedding

  1. how fun! i’m drawing a total blank on the music, but it will be fun to see the replies and to know what they played!

    i returned home two days ago and am juggling cleaning house, watering a parched garden and weaning back to painting..i’m working on details on the compass today.

    i’ve missed seeing your posts and will be online again later tonight when the internet is faster!

    until then, z


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