Weekly Challenge: Object

The Daily Post’s challenge for this week is to depict a tangible object as both the inspiration and the subject.

Since it is winter here and the days are cold and windy, I decided to feature our wood stove.

Our Wood Stove, watercolor, 7" x 5"
Our Wood Stove, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

This cast iron beauty sits on the hearth in our living room and keeps us cozy when there is a fire within.  Although the recent rain washed away most of the snow and melted almost all of the ice in the creek, the temperatures are still too low for me to want to paint outside.  But with items like this in the house, I can find my inspiration and stay warm, too!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge: Object

    • And so much more character than an HVAC system! Thanks for your comment, Leya.
      P.S. We have the HVAC and an oil burning furnace in addition to this gem. Each has its place in our heating regime.

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  2. what a great subject, and it surely brings comfort on many levels through the cold winter! i’m so lucky that i live where the climate is all but perfect.. zero heating or cooling costs!

    you’re so very talented!

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