Magnolia Blossom

I love seeing the large, evergreen magnolias bloom.  The large, showy flowers and refreshing citrus-y scent draw me in.  My neighbor has graciously allowed me to stand in her yard to paint.  Since her husband has trimmed up only enough of the tree limbs to get under to mow, there are many blooms which are low enough for me to paint without getting a crick in my neck.

Magnolia Blossom, watercolor, 5" x 7"
Magnolia Blossom, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

4 thoughts on “Magnolia Blossom

  1. Wow, you nailed this one! I love it! Magnolias are supposed to be trimmed just enough to get a few chairs underneath–no more. In the raging heat of summer, it is the coolest place in the world, a natural air conditioning, and scented, as you said. Mmm!

  2. great job! you nailed that center as well! your neighbors surely love seeing you in your element as you capture the florals w/watercolor!

    i was so surprised when i saw magnolias in bloom in quito ecuador! i never dreamed they’d thrive at such high altitudes!

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