Choosing What Not to Say

One of the challenges I give myself when painting in watercolor is to not paint everything, not to put in all the details, not to make my painting look like a photograph.  I have found that if I suggest areas of the painting, then the viewer is more engaged because their brain is “filling in the gaps,” and therefore engaged in the creative process.  I have to say enough, but not too much.

This is especially true when painting something with as many complicated little shapes as this pink hydrangea.

Pink Hydrangeas, watercolor, 5" x 7"
Pink Hydrangea, watercolor, 5″ x 7″


9 thoughts on “Choosing What Not to Say

  1. As always Ruth, I also admire your ability to work with both positive and negative space simultaneously. Really enjoying your lovely flowers, you are brightening up my winter here. Karen

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