Sailing on Cay of Sea: Overnight in the Rhode River

Another glimpse of our cruising days for you.  Each time we go out I am concerned that I won’t find something different to sketch in my journal but my concerns haven’t been realized yet!

If you’d like a different perspective, here’s my husband’s post about this trip.

6 thoughts on “Sailing on Cay of Sea: Overnight in the Rhode River

    • Thanks, Renee! It was great timing to use up the last of the jug of stove alcohol the same time the old bailer disintegrated.
      My husband stuck out his tongue and even waggled it a few times until I realized that he wanted it included in the picture.

  1. Love it.
    So, is being in a big storm, like that one, a fun thing? Or is it more scary? I think I would like it, but I’m not sure of the danger…
    So sorry about the trees down. Rick said one across your house? I hope it’s not too difficult to remove…be careful!

    • When the lightning isn’t too close, and it wasn’t that night, it is kind of fun to watch the way the flashes light up the land forms and clouds. When it is close it is worrisome since we have a 37′ lightning rod sticking up and we can’t get very far away from the base of it. We have been on the boat during such a storm and we went below with the kids, said our prayers, and played cards until the storm finally passed, two hours later.
      The tree that was leaning against the house belonged to the neighbor and she had it taken care of. Our landlord has contracted with someone to take care of the branches which broke on another tree which is over the house, but they are still hanging there. I think the storm caused local pockets of damage and the tree trimmers are having a good year!
      O, the joy of renting and not owning a house!

      • Definitely, the best part of renting is not having the upkeep! So glad there wasn’t damage, or much damage, to the house, itself. And really glad you could teach the children about the source of calm in a storm.

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