“Do you feel like you are selling your children?”

Sometimes people ask me, “Do you feel like you are selling your children when you sell your art?” And I smile and reply that its more like having one of my children get married. I am thrilled that someone else likes them enough to have them in their home!

Three weeks ago I was out painting in the garden of a marina and as I finished, a group was going by on their way to a boat. They stopped and complimented me on the painting and enquired about my web site. I gave them a business card, picked up my gear, and went home for lunch. A couple of days later, I received an email asking if the picture was for sale. This resulted in a studio tour and the purchase of several of my pieces. This was so encouraging that I felt a hand-painted card was in order for a thank you note.

Yellow Rose Card, watercolor, 4.5 x 6
Yellow Rose Card, watercolor, 4.5 x 6

11 thoughts on ““Do you feel like you are selling your children?”

  1. I find that if I make prints of them, whether for me or for sale, it is easier to let go of them, whether they are paintings or atc’s. Also, that way I can remember what i did. Sometimes I feel like they are a gift from the spirit world, which is why I want to be able to remember them.

    • Sue, I usually have my husband take a good photo of each image before I mat or frame it. That way I can make a reproduction if I want, but I have a record of all my paintings. Thanks for your input.

    • No, Katharine, I made them up. Having painted roses several times recently, I am familiar with the shapes of the flowers and leaves. I put down a colored wash in a large shape for the flower and then “found” the petals as the paint suggested.

  2. I’m always thrilled and greatful that somebody wants a piece especially when they have a different connection to the subject. One lady and her daughter bought a sunflower painting because it reminded them of their Grandmother… So cool! I painted it because my daughter gave the sunflower to me.

    Congratulations on your sales Ruth! You are very talented and the flowers are beautiful!!

    • Thanks, Renee. Congrats on connecting with the lady who bought your sunflower painting. The love from your daughter has now been passed on to another mother and daughter. How cool is that!

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